Research Interests

Development Economics, nonparametric econometrics, health economics, health technology assessment, survey statistics.

Current Research Projects

  • “Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Estimation Using Complex Survey Data”. Latest Version

  • “How Important are Water and Sanitation? Investigating the Associations between Water/Sanitation and Well-being in First Nations in Manitoba”, with with Melanie O’Gorman (Principal Investigator), Kerry Black, and Stewart Hill.

  • “Smart Vertical Farm for Health in Northern Communities”, with Miyoung Suh (Principal Investigator), Champa Wijekoon, Glen Ross, James House, and Joan Niquanicappo.

  • “Probability-Weighted Nonparametric Conditional PDF Estimation”

  • “Least-Squares Cross-Validation for Selecting the Bandwidths for Design-Based Kernel Density Estimator”

  • “Socioeconomic Impact of Pulse-Based Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease”, with Angela Tan.

  • “Nonparametric Multiple Imputation”.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Abo Aoun, Mohamed; Meek, Benjamin; Clair, Luc; Wikstrom, Sara; Prasad, Benjamin; Modirrousta, Mandana. (2023). “Prognostic factors in major depressive disorder: comparing responders and non-responders to Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), a naturalistic retrospective chart review”. Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience.

  2. Clair, Luc, Hope Anderson, Christopher Anderson, Okechukwu Ekuma, and Heather Prior. (2022). “Cardiovascular Disease and the Risk of Dementia: A Survival Analysis Using Administrative Data from Canada”. Canadian Journal of Public Health.

  3. Riediger, Natalie, Laplante, Jeffrey, Mudryj, Adriana, and Clair, Luc. (2022). “Examining differences in diet quality between Canadian Indigenous and non-Indigenous adults: results from the 2004 and 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey Nutrition Surveys”. The Canadian Journal of Public Health. DOI: 10.17269/s41997-021-00580-x.

  4. Riediger, Natalie, Laplante, Jeffrey, Mudryj, Adriana, and Clair, Luc. (2021). “Diet quality among Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and youth in Canada in 2004 and 2015: a repeated cross-sectional design”. Public Health Nutrition. Jun 10:1-10. DOI: 10.1017/S1368980021002561

  5. Mahon KN, SN Garland, G Eaton, K Chalifour, BE Lane, K Fowler, L Gambin, and L Clair. (2021). “The Financial Impact of Cancer on Canadian Young Adults”. Journal of Cancer Survivorship : Research and Practice.

  6. Pauls, Samantha, Youjia Du, Luc Clair, Tanja Winter, Harold M. Aukema, Carla G. Taylor, Peter Zahradka. (2020). “Impact of Age, Menopause, and Obesity on Oxylipins Linked to Vascular Health”. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, 41(2): 883-897.

  7. Gibson, Grant and Luc Clair. (2019). “Oh Brother How Art Thou? Differential Reporting of Unmet Need - Evidence from Ontario”. Social Science and Medicine. 243. 112632.

  8. Clair, Luc. (2019). “Nonparametric Kernel Regression Using Complex Survey Data”. Advances in Econometrics. Vol. 39.

  9. Moghadasian, Mohammed H., Luc Clair, Francesca Bonomini, Gaia Favero, and Rita Rezzani. (2018). “Obesity and Related Disorders: An International Perspective”. Current Research in Diabetes & Obesity Journal. 7(5): 55721.

Working Papers

  1. Clair, Luc. (2022). “Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Estimation Using Complex Survey Data”. University of Winnipeg Working Paper Series.

  2. Private Supplemental Insurance and Mental Health Care Utilization in Canada: An Investigation using Nonparametric Estimation Methods. Collaborative Applied Research in Economics, Department of Economics, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Technical Reports

  1. Clair, Luc, Angela Tan, Carla Taylor, and Peter Zahradka. “Estimating the Additional Health Care Costs Associated with Peripheral Artery Disease in Manitoba.” Prepared for Manitoba Agriculture on October 31, 2021.

  2. Clair, Luc. “Estimating the Economic Impact of Agri-Food-Based Health Care Interventions”. Prepared for Manitoba Agriculture on March 31, 2021.

Unpublished Manuscripts

1. Nonparametric Kernel Estimation Methods using Complex Survey Data (2016), PhD Thesis, McMaster University.

Referee Activities

Academic Journals

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia

  • Reviewed chapters in “Macroeconomics: Canada in the Global Economy, 11the Edition” for Pearson Publishing.

  • Quality of Life Research

  • Advances in Econometrics


  • Reviewed chapters in “Macroeconomics: Canada in the Global Economy, 11the Edition” for Pearson Publishing.

Research Experience

  • Research Assistant (2016), Dr. Jeremiah Hurley, Dean, Faculty of Social Science, McMaster University.

  • Research Assistant (2014-2015), Dr. Rick Audas, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

  • Research Policy Analyst (2012), St. John’s Board of Trade, St. John’s NL.


Updated on: 2023-07-16